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At Infotel India, we partner with clients to enhance their system performance while considering their specific needs and budget. Our track record of reliable delivery and unwavering focus on quality results has fuelled our growth and success across the world.

AI Visual System

Innovative AI system built to train in defect recognition for industrial QA using image recognition and deep learning

Making Full Compliance Possible

Developing a toolset for a bank, customisable to any data system and data rules, to carry out remediation and ensure system wide GDPR compliance. 

Material Handling

Mobile application built to monitor, manage and request on-shift requirements for car parts and materials. 

Delivery Scheduling (DSS)

The goal was to replace the inefficiencies of spreadsheets and phone-calls with a digital solution that could handle delivery scheduling, on-site security, and Customs declaration validation

A New Data System for EPO

Performing a critical upgrade of an ageing system to a cloud-based system, improving its data model, costs and performance, and managing synchronization of patents data between the EPO and US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

What we offer

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Dedicated Team
as a Service

Elevate your capabilities with our expert team of engineers, architects, and project managers. We specialise in robust architecture, production-grade solutions, and seamless operations integration to deliver exceptional results

Cloud Computing

For years, we've been designing and building cloud solutions for UK and European clients, establishing a robust foundation of knowledge and expertise across various aspects of cloud architecture.


We lead you to streamlined operations, impeccable services, and customized software solutions through knowledge-backed and expertise-based consultancy, aligning with your present and future business objectives.


Specialising in custom, scalable on-premises, and cloud-based back-end solutions for enterprise systems, mobile, web, desktop, and IoT apps. We excel in crafting adaptable, reliable solutions for your evolving business needs, ensuring stability and scalability.


In every stage of product development, whether it is product strategy planning, product design phase or development & maintenance. We mostly use Agile principles, Scrum, Kanban, or Waterfall methodologies, adapting to the project's scope, requirements, and complexity.

UX UI Design

From prototypes to full website and app designs, our experienced team ensures an outstanding digital experience, meeting a minimum AA accessibility standard. Whether you need short-term assistance or a total solution, count on our expertise to exceed your expectations.

Key industries we work with

Our technology is designed to make your business more efficient,
saving you time and money. We work with you every step of
the way to deliver the right solutions for your business needs.

Government and
Public Sector

We recognise the importance of integrating policy, technology, and service delivery in the public sector. With our experienced teams, we foster a relentless focus on value creation and citizen welfare. We strive to empower government organisations to achieve their goals, deliver impactful services, and enhance the well-being of citizens.


Automotive and

We specialise in guiding automotive companies through their digital journey, enabling them to forge seamless customer experiences and empowering their employees with cutting-edge technology. With our expertise, we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the industry, ensuring our clients stay ahead and thrive in this transformative era.


Financial Services and

Trusted by established insurance companies, major banks, and innovative fintech scale-ups, we specialise in enabling growth amidst unprecedented disruption in financial industry. Our expertise and tailored solutions empower organisations in the financial sector to thrive, adapt, and seize new opportunities, ensuring a successful path forward.


Technology Expertise

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Subash | Consultant at Infotel

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