Code of Conduct

The commitment of our President

Since its establishment in 1979, the Infotel India has remained persistent in its commitment to integrity and trust as fundamental values. As a result, the company considers any form of corruption to be in direct contradiction to these core principles. Such practices not only affect the Group’s reputation but also impact its employees and the broader economic landscape.

To actively enforce this principle, the Infotel India has introduced an Anti-corruption Code of Conduct. This code serves as a comprehensive guide for all stakeholders, from top-level management to the newest employee, outlining the prohibited corrupt practices as per both legal regulations and the Group’s policies. Additionally, it provides measures to safeguard individuals against corruption and encourages them to report any such instances promptly.

Designed to be easily understandable and accessible to all, the Anti – Corruption Code goes beyond a simple regulatory document. The management ensures its strict implementation and is prepared to act appropriately to address any violations.

Irrespective of their role or position within the Group, every member is expected to actively participate in upholding this anti-corruption policy.

Infotel places significant importance on the unwavering commitment of all stakeholders to these shared values and principles.

Bernard Lafforet
President of the Infotel group

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