Mobile & Web Development

At Infotel, we claim over 20 years of hands-on experience in designing, developing, delivering, and supporting mobile and web applications. We have expanded our teams of skilled mobile and web developers across multiple development sites in the UK, Europe, and India to meet our client’s needs. This has given our business a strong core capability, enabling us to compete for significant contracts and establish ourselves as a formidable player in the dynamic technology industry.

Front-End Development

Our dedicated teams focus on delivering fast and reliable app or web user interfaces that perfectly match your requirements. We work tirelessly to provide your company with the essential tools for seamless business performance.

Back-End Development

Our team of skilled engineers creates scalable and well-architected code using cutting-edge frameworks and databases. We collaborate closely with in-house capabilities to deliver high-quality engineering solutions that connect you to your users seamlessly.

Custom Solution

We offer custom solutions that meets your unique business needs, from creating interactive prototypes and tailored content management systems to broad ground-up projects encompassing design, development, and deployment.

SaaS Solution

We construct multi-tenant, user-friendly, and security-standard-compliant platforms to streamline your internal operations, enhance client services, and optimise corporate workflows.

Cloud Based Solution

We assist in migrating your current solutions to the cloud or offer end-to-end services to develop new projects from scratch within a dynamic cloud-based platform.

Integration and Deployment

We seamlessly integrate with your current infrastructure, simplifying release management and streamlining web and mobile software deployment tasks. our extensive experience in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other services, along with hosting and managing environments, we ensure secure and hassle-free system deployments for your business.

Our Expertise

As experts in various software languages, our core web and mobile developers excel in full stack development, specialiSing in Java, Spring, .Net, AngularJS, and ReactJS. Working with global clients, we create mission-critical enterprise solutions across diverse platforms. Our pride lies in delivering enterprise-grade solutions using cutting-edge technologies like Cloud, Microservices, Event Driven Architecture, Kubernetes, REST APIs, and more. We craft Android and Apple mobile applications to tailor to our clients specific needs.


We offer a broad range of services for your mobile and web solutions. Whether inheriting old code, starting new projects, building code architecture, or enhancing existing projects, our custom services provide flexibility and a personal approach to meet your needs.


Whether your project is built for a large, existing audience or is one that is going to need to scale in the future, we can support you through building proof of concepts and minimum viable products that can scale easily and create the roadmap for your project’s journey. The products we deliver today are always built with tomorrow in mind.

Turn Key

Our web and mobile development services deliver more than code. We build fully realised products with stunning UI, great UX, and robust software engineering, providing tangible value to you and your users.

Our Experience
is Your Guarantee

We serve clients from diverse industries, including highly regulated, extremely secure, and standardized manufacturing environments. With expertise in the automotive, public, and financial sectors, we deliver solutions to even the most challenging environments.

Success Case

We developed a material handling mobile and web application for the automotive industry to efficiently monitor and manage on-shift material requirements for car manufacturing. This app addresses existing challenges, saving time and money. Throughout the entire process, from conception to support, we collaborated closely with the client, leading to a successful application and ensuring long-term partnership.

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