Team as a Service

At Infotel India, we understand the importance of aligning with our client’s company culture to ensure optimal performance and productive team interactions. Our highly experienced specialists, who share strong cultural alignment, seamlessly integrate with your in-house teams. We ensure that you have the right people, skills, and capabilities to successfully launch and maintain your projects.

On-Site Model

Our on-site model provides flexible staff augmentation services, allowing you to choose the best candidates for your project’s needs. Whether in your office, remote (onshore, nearshore, or offshore), or with location flexibility, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Model

We offer a flexible model where you can choose between resources or end-to-end project delivery, based on either a fixed price or time and materials basis. Our team is dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to meet all your requirements and business needs.

Hybrid Model

we create a dedicated team of developers, combining on-site and offshore resources. They take full responsibility for your deliverables, working as an extension of your team under your management.

Managed Services

We offer Agile delivery teams, saving you time in finding the right staff for your needs and culture. Let us handle your IT services efficiently.

Short-Term Teams

we provide pre-vetted IT professionals for short or long-term contracts to boost your capacity and capabilities, ensuring you reach your goals efficiently.

Agile Delivery Teams

we confidently provide the right resources for your project, ensuring successful delivery outcomes. You can rely on us to fulfil the roles needed for your Agile project.

Why work with us?



We make it easy by providing expert consultants to deliver your business requirements and taking full responsibility for end-to-end project delivery, ensuring you have the right team for the job.



With access to over 2,800 consultants in 27 locations across the UK, Europe and India, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to call upon, ensuring whatever problem you face, we can provide a solution.



Trusted by hundreds of clients across Europe, the UK, and India, we focus on defining suitable models, assembling skilled teams, and handling onboarding, so you can concentrate on your business objectives while we deliver critical IT projects with top talent.

Top IT


Our expert software engineers focus on delivering end-to-end, customised tech solutions, utilising our industry experience and proven track records of bringing transformation to every industry.

Active Talent


With our active recruitment process, we ensure immediate access to top professionals, maintaining readiness to drive meaningful change and digital transformation for your success.

How do we work?

Choosing the

Right partner

Researching your potential partner’s industry reputation, proven track record, and expertise is crucial for successful partnerships. Start your journey with informed decisions.

Review after


Our in-house recruiting teams are continuously active, ensuring we are always able to provide immediate access to top professionals. We keep ourselves in a state of readiness to provide resources that can drive meaningful change and digital transformation.

Choose the

Ideal pattern

Assess your internal capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses to find the perfect fit for IT staff augmentation services tailored to your needs



IT staff augmentation services depend on a clear communication structure. It ensures a smooth workflow, adopts transparent relationships, and establishes an efficient feedback cycle.

Craft your


Start by clearly defining your expectations through a thorough evaluation. This process helps identify the roadmap for progress and allows for adjustments before making any investments.

Reach our specialists to discuss your resource
requirements. Whatever you need, we’re here to help


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