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Transportation and logistics being critical aspects of modern business operations, constantly evolve with an increasing reliance on technology for efficiency. Our solutions driven by innovation and the potential to transform can revolutionise this industry. We focus on supply chain optimisation, fleet management, warehouse solutions, last-mile delivery, sustainability, blockchain and compliance that can help companies worldwide improve output and competitiveness.

Our Expertise

Analytics for Logistics
Outbound Logistics Solutions
Digital Tolling Solutions

In the logistics industry, the integration of data analytics offers significant advantages. Our services empower logistics managers with valuable insights for swift responsiveness and risk mitigation. Promoting sustainability, carbon footprint reduction, and transparency through blockchain technology. Analytic aids help in monitoring compliance, mitigating threats, and adhering to regulations.

Our solutions effectively improve outbound logistics by optimising shipment routes, choosing economical carriers, and improving distribution channels. With fleet management expertise, real-time GPS tracking, and predictive maintenance ensure on-time deliveries and efficient resource utilisation. Warehouse management systems streamline order fulfilment, while cost-effective last-mile delivery options like drones and autonomous vehicles.

Digital tolling modernises logistics and transportation by automating toll collection that increases efficiency and reduces congestion. Data analytics optimises toll rates and traffic flows, our supply chain expertise automates toll operations. Transport administration tools track toll expenditures and enhance routes to minimise costs. Last-mile delivery benefits from quicker toll payments, and sustainability initiatives promote eco-friendly tolling methods.

Success Story

FACTORY-WIDE DELIVERY SCHEDULING: An application development for managing supplier deliveries to doors at car manufacturer, with transport plan and goods validation for UK Customs​.
We managed supply-chain tracking and logistics for goods in and out of a client’s factory. The project scope extended to include time-slot booking, approval, and validating transport plans & Customs declarations paperwork.

Case Studies

Developing a toolset for a bank, customisable to any data system and data rules, to carry out ensure system wide GDPR compliance. 

Smart Data Remediation (SDR) mission was to provide a broad and efficient solution to reduce the challenges associated with GDPR compliance in complex systems within the financial and banking sector.


Mobile application built to monitor, manage and request ​on-shift requirements for car parts and materials.

The mission was to revolutionize the management of car parts and materials on the shop floor of car manufacturing plants, which entailed developing a mobile application that would monitor..


Performing a critical upgrade of an ageing system to a cloud-based system, improving its data model, costs and performance. 

Achieving high accuracy for recognition of defects when deep learning training has reached a valid plateau depending on defect task and environment.



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