Case study | Financial Sector

MAKING FULL COMPLIANCE POSSIBLE: Developing a toolset for a bank, customisable to any data system and data rules, to carry out remediation and ensure system wide GDPR compliance.


Smart Data Remediation (SDR) mission was to provide a broad and efficient solution to reduce the challenges associated with GDPR compliance in complex systems within the financial and banking sector. Which could accurately target and remove or anonymise personal and sensitive data, ensuring full compliance with GDPR regulations. 

Key Achievements

  • Developed SDR as a smart solution for GDPR remediation, capable of addressing cluster of data in complex relational datasets.
  • Created a reusable and customisable tool that can be deployed across multiple databases, tailoring to custom requirements.
  • Ensured data removal logic was generic, driven by a configuration table, allowing for easy system alterations without costly re-coding and deployment.
  • Implemented anonymisation to meet business procedure requirements while complying with GDPR.

The Challenge

  • Achieving GDPR compliance with a sector that contains multiple data storage points which would cause significant challenges for the organisation.
  • Difficulties in targeting nested data within complex relational data records while preserving the integrity of remaining data.
  • Inefficiencies in dealing with older data out of the scope of routine data removal due to complexities in managing multiple storage rooms and data mappings.
  • Ensuring consistent remediation across various locations where the same data was stored unnecessarily.

The Solution

Infotel’s, Smart Data Remediation (SDR) offered a solution to address GDPR compliance challenges.

  • SDR as a smart tool capable of efficiently handling data remediation without risking unintentional data loss.
  • A configuration table-based approach for generic data removal logic, enabling easy adaptability to different data systems.
  • Anonymisation of data instead of full deletion, allowing for risk analysis operations and compliance with business procedures.
  • The ability to highlight and remove archives shared by other records, ensuring precise targeting of data for removal.

The Technologies

  • Deep learning software​
  • Desktop application interface​
  • IBM DB2​
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL database
  • SAP connector, Siebel connector

The Resources

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 AI Data Scientists
  • 1 Business Lead
  • 6 Business Pilot
  • 1 Front End/Back End Developer

The Results

The Data Remediation tool successfully provided a pain-relief solution for GDPR remediation headaches in the financial and banking sector. Simplified and streamlined GDPR compliance for complex systems, reducing the heavy lifting associated with data remediation. 

  • An efficient, customisable, and cost-effective tool that could be rolled out business-wide, offering complete peace-of-mind for GDPR compliance.
  • A future-proof solution that allowed for easy implementation of system alterations without costly re-coding, quality assurance, and deployment.
  • Precise targeting and removal of personal and sensitive data, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations while retaining data needed for business procedures.
  • The Smart Data Remediation (SDR) proved to be a game-changer in the realm of GDPR compliance for financial and banking systems, offering a smart, elegant, and highly effective approach to data remediation.