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Manufacturers embrace innovation with technologies like Digital Manufacturing, the factory of the future, connected systems, and autonomous vehicles. Our scalable solutions empower you to manage end-to-end operations efficiently, navigate challenges, and drive growth through flexibility and innovation.

Our Expertise

Data driven Process
Automation of Operations
Low Code Solutions
IOT and Digital Wins

The focus on improvising continuous features to enhance efficiency and productivity to enable real-time data accessibility in context of data analysis and machine learning for statistical measurements and can provide more detailed insights than classified variables, integrating and centralising data from various sources, and facilitating advanced analytics and insights. Our service enables businesses to efficiently use data to drive growth and keep a leading edge in the fast-moving manufacturing industry.

Industries require real-time data integration and analysis which optimise production processes, reduce downtime, and enhance overall efficiency. Process automation and predictive maintenance help manufacturers identify and address potential equipment failures before they occur, minimising disruptions and improving productivity. Efficient inventory management ensures the availability of raw materials and finished products while reducing excess stock and associated costs.

With rapid application development, manufacturers integrate low-code solutions to build and deploy applications quickly without extensive manual coding which aids to overcome challenges, such as complex supply chains, resource constraints, and changing market demands. Our solution empowers the industry to efficiently manage end-to-end operations with the means to streamline operations. By leveraging low-code capabilities, industries can quickly adapt to market dynamics, and optimise efficiency.

Advanced analytics allows manufacturers to optimise effective production processes and equipment performances, leading to improved productivity and quality in their industry. Our solution allows manufacturers to seamlessly integrating IoT devices and sensors, enabling data collection for predictive maintenance, early issue detection and optimal resource utilisation and digital twin implementation that facilitates virtual monitoring resulting in higher productivity, better product quality, and more efficient resource usage.

Success Story

MATERIAL HANDLING: Mobile application built to monitor, manage and request ​on-shift requirements for car parts and materials​.
Infotel developed a mobile app to transform material handling in car manufacturing plants, replacing outdated methods with a streamlined process enhancing efficiency, real-time monitoring, and user experience to optimise manufacturing operations.

Case Studies

FACTORY WIDE DELIVERY SCHEDULING application development for managing supplier deliveries to doors at car manufacturer

The mission is to create a dynamic web application for managing supply-chain logistics in the manufacturing sector. The goal was to replace the inefficiencies of spreadsheets with a digital solution that could handle delivery scheduling..


Innovative AI system built to train in defect recognition for industrial QA using image recognition and deep learning

Achieving high accuracy for recognition of defects when deep learning training has reached a valid plateau depending on defect task and environment.


Performing a critical upgrade of an ageing system to a cloud-based system, improving its data model, costs and performance.  

The mission was to successfully undertake a critical upgrade for the European Patent Office (EPO) to transform its ageing CPCI data system into a cloud-based solution.



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