Infotel is committed to professional equality between women and men

Each year, Infotel Conseil India proudly publishes its “index of professional equality between women and men,” a crucial rating system that evaluates companies’ dedication to promoting gender equality.

In 2022, Infotel Conseil achieved a noticeable score of 79/100 in the “index of professional equality between women and men,” a rating system used to evaluate companies’ commitment to gender equality.

The assessment is based on five indicators.

  • Pay gap between women and men 39/40 dots
  • Difference in the distribution of individual increases 20/20 dots
  • Promotion distribution gap 5/15 points
  • Number of employees increased upon their return from maternity leave 15/15 points
  • Number of women among the 10 highest earners 0/10 points

Infotel Group received high ratings in the pay gap and distribution of individual increases, displaying their longstanding dedication to maintaining gender equality. The company supports women returning from maternity leave with recovery interviews and close attention to their salary development.

To promote gender equality, Infotel Group has implemented a comprehensive plan focusing on four pillars: recruitment, professional promotion, compensation, and work-life balance for all employees.

In line with our commitment, an internal community “Infot’Elles” has been established to drive further progress on gender equality initiatives at the workplace. This community actively engages in various actions and discussions centred around nurturing equality between women and men in the workplace.

Infotel Conseil’s commitment to equality is evident in distinct actions.