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The Automotive Industry is a dynamic and fast-evolving sector that faces numerous challenges and opportunities in the digital age. As vehicles become more connected, autonomous, and electrified, automotive companies are seeking innovative solutions to stay competitive and enhance their operations. Our forward-thinking approach expertise in strategic IT systems and applications enables automotive industry to optimise operations through digital transformation, implementing advanced analytics, cloud computing, and AI applications can be an asset for the Automotive Industry.

Our Expertise

Factory of The Future
IOT Enabled Solutions
Connected Solutions
Quality and Cost Control

The Factory of the Future concept is adopted to improve efficiency and prepare for future challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry. Our expertise provides, strategic IT systems that enables seamless integration and communication between different components of the manufacturing ecosystem. Application build to create custom solution that streamline various aspects of the sector with data analytics, and cybersecurity.

In the highly competitive automotive industry, our advanced IoT-enabled solutions drives innovation. Effortlessly integrating IoT technology allows real-time data analysis, optimising vehicle performance and efficiency. Through predictive maintenance, potential issues are anticipated and prevented, reducing downtime, and improving reliability. This approach prepares clients for trends like autonomous driving and electric vehicles.

Our impressive software development allows customised connected car solutions with real-time diagnostics, and infotainment systems. We optimise operations while ensuring robust cybersecurity to protect sensitive data in connected vehicles. Our progressive approach positions at the forefront of emerging automotive technologies, offering solutions for autonomous driving, electric vehicles, and mobility-as-a-service inspiring automotive industries with connected solutions.

Effective quality and cost control solutions are essential for the development and positive outcome in the industry to be a valuable partner. Our service’s capabilities, allows for the creation of unique solutions that address quality and financial issues. We assist in streamlining operations, identifying areas for development, and making data-driven decisions to ensure quality while keeping costs in check.

Success Story

AI VISUAL SYSTEM: Innovative AI system built to train in defect recognition for industrial QA​ using image recognition and deep learning​.
Infotel achieved a remarkable 98% accuracy in defect identification through AI Visual System. Covering the challenges and innovation solutions that revolutionised defect recognition in enhancing quality control at real industrial environments.

Case Studies

Developing a toolset for a bank, customisable to any data system and data rules, to carry out ensure system wide GDPR compliance. 

Smart Data Remediation (SDR) mission was to provide a broad and efficient solution to reduce the challenges associated with GDPR compliance in complex systems within the financial and banking sector.


Mobile application built to monitor, manage and request ​on-shift requirements for car parts and materials.

The mission was to revolutionize the management of car parts and materials on the shop floor of car manufacturing plants, which entailed developing a mobile application that would monitor..


Performing a critical upgrade of an ageing system to a cloud-based system, improving its data model, costs and performance. 

Achieving high accuracy for recognition of defects when deep learning training has reached a valid plateau depending on defect task and environment.



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