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The proficiency in the Public Sector domain makes a significant impact by enhancing efficiency, modernising services, improving citizen engagement, and decision-making. By collaborating with local consulting partners, the company bridges the digital divide and adopts innovation in public services. Ensuring compliance with regulations and enabling effective emergency response and disaster management, Infotel have been a dependable partner in providing specialised technological solutions to the public sector. With awareness of immediate issues in the sector permits to deliver tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by government and educational institutions in providing essential services and infrastructure to the citizens.

Our Expertise

Public Services
Archives and Record Management
Welfare and Pensions
Public Traspotation

Nowadays many public educational institutions face challenges in keeping up with rapidly evolving technologies and integrating them effectively into their systems. This is where our solutions can play a crucial role in assisting these institutions with strategic IT systems and applications, enhancing teaching methodologies for better understanding, administrative processes to track the learnings, and measuring studying outcomes.

Public service faces difficulties in enhancing the service for effective accessibility in evolving digital environment. Our service offers innovation driven solution, to improve the operations through strategic planning and digitalisation. Public organisations embrace digital for improved citizen experiences as the industry’s technical capabilities, and reach continue to expand making it possible for government agencies to adapt to the latest technologies.

As public institutions face difficulties in managing and digitising their vast archives. Digital portals offer a valuable solution for record management and archiving data to safeguard the preservation and accessibility of valuable information and historical records. Our strong innovative approach streamlines records management processes, ensure data security, and facilitate easy retrieval of information.

In a changing environment, utilities face an array of challenges. In which our solution plays a vital role in enhancing reliability, efficiency, and compliance, ensuring utilities thrive during market reforms, environmental mandates, and shifting dynamics. With a proven track record, we empower utilities to embrace innovation, optimise operations, and capture new growth opportunities.

As a leading custom software provider, we specialise in optimising welfare and pension program management. Our solutions offer user-friendly procedures, enhancing accessibility for beneficiaries through optimised service delivery. We prioritise smooth operations and advanced data management, focusing user-centric experiences.

At the face of progress in the public transportation, our expertise in custom software solutions elevates operational efficiency, modernise services, and improve passenger experiences. Our technological advancements enable real-time tracking, optimal route planning, and user-centric mobile applications for effortless travel. We promote eco-conscious transport alternatives making it more dependable, accessible, and environmentally balanced.

Success Story

A NEW DATA SYSTEM FOR EPO: Performing a critical upgrade of an ageing system to a cloud-based system, improving its data model, costs and performance, and managing synchronisation of patents data between the EPO and US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)​.
  Infotel successfully transformed the European Patent Office’s outdated data system into a secure cloud-based solution, streamlining data management synchronisation with the USPTO. Ranging from modernising data infrastructure to efficient cross-border data exchange

Case Studies

Developing a toolset for a bank, customisable to any data system and data rules, to carry out ensure system wide GDPR compliance. 

Smart Data Remediation (SDR) mission was to provide a broad and efficient solution to reduce the challenges associated with GDPR compliance in complex systems within the financial and banking sector.


Mobile application built to monitor, manage and request ​on-shift requirements for car parts and materials.

The mission was to revolutionize the management of car parts and materials on the shop floor of car manufacturing plants, which entailed developing a mobile application that would monitor..


Performing a critical upgrade of an ageing system to a cloud-based system, improving its data model, costs and performance. 

Achieving high accuracy for recognition of defects when deep learning training has reached a valid plateau depending on defect task and environment.



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