IT Consulting

We empower you with the expertise and knowledge-backed consultancy needed to enhance your operations, provide flawless services, and create customised software products that align with your current and future business objectives. As an IT consulting company, our mission is to guide you towards the most efficient path to success. We work carefully to establish advantageous digital environments that serve to your technical capabilities, employee requirements, and customer expectations.

Product Development

We are the proven professionals you can trust with your entire product development process. We save your time and budget, ensuring your business thrives by addressing internal issues and exploring new revenue streams. Our approach to product development encompasses all stages, including product strategy planning, product design, development and maintenance. We confidently adopt an Agile mindset, using the Scrum framework and Kanban or Waterfall methodology based on your preferences, scope, requirements, and project complexity.

Mobile and Web Development

All our clients embrace web application frameworks to provide their users, customers and partners with web-based application access. Over the years, we have observed a significant shift towards an omni-channel approach, driven by the increasing demand for accessing applications through various channels beyond PCs, including mobile and tablet devices. We confidently assist our clients in adopting this approach, ensuring their applications furnish to the evolving needs of modern users.

Cloud Consulting

As your trusted cloud solution provider and consultancy partner, we excel at delivering seamless digital transformations on leading cloud platforms. With our industry expertise and client-centric approach, we unlock the full potential of your business. Count on us to simplify and optimise the process with a strategic partnership that meets you at every step of your cloud transformation journey.

IT Project Staffing

Our vast experience in building teams for leading companies across Europe and providing supplementary resources for in-house developments, we have enhanced exceptional industry practices. Here at Infotel we confidently excel in overcoming geographic and cultural constraints, seamlessly integrating into globally distributed multi-vendor team environments. Trust us to deliver outstanding results and seamless collaboration wherever your business operates.

AI Solutions

Our innovation team has actively engaged in numerous real-world AI challenges, successfully using cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and convolutional neural networks to overcome these hurdles. We are proficient in various development tools, including Python, Java, Spring, TensorFlow, Keras, and FastText. Our expertise extends to developing, training, and rigorously testing machine learning models on Microsoft Azure, while skilfully constructing CI/CD pipelines in Amazon Web Service (AWS) and deploying trained models into a Kubernetes orchestrated Service Mesh.

DevOps Setup

We excel in automating full cycle software delivery, prioritising internal infrastructure scalability and security. Our DevOps team proficiently establishes transparent software delivery cycles, elevating the quality of implemented systems, and adopting a client-focused, collaborative approach. We seamlessly align infrastructure management with code delivery techniques, significantly reducing manual configurations and provisioning efforts for your technical environments.

Why choose us for IT consulting?

Deep Industry

With deep industry expertise and a track record of consistency and commitment, we proudly showcase success cases for our clients through ambitious projects and a highly skilled team.

Multi Disciplinary
Tech Experts

Experienced multi-disciplinary tech team delivering exceptional solutions for automotive, advanced manufacturing, and Fortune 500 companies. We prioritise hiring highly skilled engineers in your time zone for seamless collaboration.


We acquire in-depth knowledge of navigating the fast-paced digital landscape, ensuring competitive edge, increased profits, and customer satisfaction. Our team’s expertise at every technical level enables us to meet industry requirements and swiftly deploy the right technology for rapid market response.

Access to a
Wider Team

Being part of a global group gives us access to a diverse pool of talents. This empowers us to help you solve existing challenges and embrace new solutions, elevating your IT strategy.

Quality and

our commitment to secure project workflows guarantees smooth implementation, following industry guidelines on software configuration, data storage, and processing.

Unlock success through our guided IT consulting journey, merging innovation with expertise


Initial Meeting

Once you reach out to us, one of our IT consultants will meet with you to understand your requirements and explore suitable options.


IT Landscape Assessment

After gathering all the necessary details, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your IT landscape to identify the best technologies and processes that align with your goals.


Deep Business Analysis

To create effective strategic roadmaps with tactical guidelines, we delve into your business case to determine whether cloud adoption, AI/ML solutions, bespoke software, or time and materials are needed.


Prioritising Ideas

We establish a clear communication structure for IT staff augmentation services, fostering smooth workflows, transparent relationships, and an efficient feedback cycle.


Project Delivery

Taking responsibility for delivering results, we follow a plan-do-check-act cycle, keeping you involved in the project’s progress. We share intermediate results and discuss them before presenting the final outcomes.



We have the capacity to manage ongoing maintenance, optimizing your business efficiency. Our performance measurements, summary updates, and monitoring ensure measurable and future-proof results.

Do you want measurable results from your


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