Happy Birthday, Infotel India

Happy Birthday, Infotel India

Infotel India started up in 2021 after the acquisition of Smurk IT by major player in the digital transformation of organisations in Europe with over four decades of successful expertise Infotel Group. The directors of both organisations set out on a mission to create a new way of doing technology consulting based on clear values and an approach that puts people first.

Over the past two years, Infotel India has achieved amazing results and overcome many difficult challenges. By delivering outstanding projects for leading clients in the industry, the company has registered its position as a trusted partner. The team has expanded with talented professionals who share the vision for excellence, contributing to our success. This year, Infotel India is proud and happy to gather here, in Chennai to mark an important landmark of our company’s journey – 2-Year anniversary. This occasion represents our commitment to growth, success, and the pursuit of excellence.

The two-year anniversary celebration brought together distinguished guests from Infotel Group’s European and United Kingdom branches. Among them were Unit Director Arnaud Siminski, Managing Director of Infotel UK Mundeep Nayyar, who graced the occasion alongside Jeanne Douche and Fatima Lancerica, representing the Toulouse office. Their presence and insightful contributions made the celebration even more meaningful and successful.

During the anniversary event, M. Nayyar shared his story of overcoming challenges during the pandemic as a tech business leader. He also highlighted how an Indian startup became a successful acquisition for Infotel UK, which allowed us to expand the team to 80 employees in India in just 2 years. M. Nayyar emphasised that this expansion positions Infotel Group to compete and win significant contracts, thanks to its proximity to clients and commitment to flexibility, which are deeply embedded in the company’s core values.

Welcoming the 2nd year anniversary landmark and celebrating the success of the company, Arnaud Siminski said: “At Infotel India, our future is bright, and it revolves around two key pillars: innovation and sustainability. We firmly believe that by investing in research and development, we can provide our clients with advanced solutions that exceed their expectations. It is through this commitment to pushing boundaries that we will continue to stay at the forefront of our industry.”

“…the foundation of our success: our clients. Maintaining strong relationships with them is paramount. By delivering excellent customer service and proactively seeking their input, we build trust and loyalty. Our clients’ satisfaction is a reflection of our commitment to excellence.”

India is amongst the fastest growing economies globally with substantial human potential and a large market comprising over 1.2 billion people. India’s market is rapidly growing, and is emerging as a major IT Hub globally because of its robust IT infrastructures, skilled workforce and favourable business environments that attracts numerous IT companies and investors.

Infotel India as part of Infotel Group marking its 2-year journey today has come a long way from where it started. We witnessed remarkable growth in the Indian market, establishing us as a noticeable player in the industry with a strategic approach and a commitment to delivering exceptional solutions. Infotel India has experienced significant expansion in its customer base and market presence. The company started with a small team, and is now close to a hundred employees and still growing. Infotel is working hand in hand with clients in the aerospace, automotive industries, financial sector and working hard to serve more industry needs in future through bespoke solutions and customised software offerings. This celebration is a testament to our dedication and collective efforts to achieve excellence.

Infotel India marked its 2 years in business with a special staff conference and celebration party on the 25th of May. Keen to ensure that its birthday celebration has a purposeful outcome, the company will soon be sharing more information on how it intends to make the landmark ‘for good’.