Management and maintenance of Service Centre and Technical support

International Airline company
Logistics and Transport industry
Managing the maintenance of the set of products within a Service Centre on Front and Back Office model.


The Client is a major European air transport player with an activity divided between passenger transport, cargo transport and aeronautical maintenance. The company serves 36 destinations in the home country and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 175 destinations in 78 countries.


  • Providing a management of a full maintenance of the set of Client’s products withing a Service Centre on a Front-Office/Back-Office model.

The Client has entrusted Infotel with the management of the maintenance of a set of products within a Service Centre on a front-office and back-office model. For many years, Infotel has regularly supported the Client in its projects, whether on a fixed-price basis or in technical assistance and has become the leading provider of IT services for the group.
The implementation of a SC has made it possible to support the ramp-up of these activities. The SC’s three technology centres receive various types of requests within an industrialised system, carried out on the customer site or on the Infotel site.


  • Quality and Flight safety/Back-office support
  • Flight preparation and follow-up
  • Aircrew management
  • Human resources
  • Medical assistance services
  • Property security
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Training
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Engine maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance


  • Technical support: analysis, development, request for support, coordination of technical teams, publisher relations, project management, time spent on projects, etc.
  • Project management assistance: help in expressing the need, functional specifictaions, testing, time spent, etc.
  • Agile Platforms / Contribution to the deployment of agility within the Client’s companies
    Management of the service


Front-office team (38 consultants):

  • 1 Project Director
  • 1 Agile Consultant
  • 11 Project Managers / Scrum Master
  • 5 Architects / Tech Lead
  • 5 AMOA / Business Analyst
  • 12 Analysts / Developers
  • 3 Software integrators

Back-office team (26 consultants)

  • 5 Project Managers
  • 3 Architects / Tech Lead
  • 18 Analysts / Developers


  • Web:
  • JAVA JEE / Angular / IONIC / Angular JS / PHP / Python
  • Mainframe:
  • MVS / Cobol / Telon / DB2
  • Windows and Linux software
  • Workload:
  • »11 000 MD in 2018
    »12 200 MD in 2019


  • Maintaining a high level of technical-functional knowledge of the Infotel teams
  • Strong proximity to customer teams, ability to manage specificities
  • Compliance with project constraints and internal processes, close collaboration with the various IT departments and technical units
  • Organisation of a front-office on the client’s premises, supplemented by a back-office
  • Pooling of resources across the entire perimeter to manage workload increase/decrease
  • Capitalisation of know-how and process knowledge / internal organisation
  • Continuous consultancy and support of the Client

We provide IT services and consultancy for the Client for years with managing several maintenance and development contracts,
gathered under Managed Delivery Centres, focusing mainly on Mainframe and Java / Web technologies.