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A sector with multiple challenges Banking - Finance

A sector with multiple challenges

You can bank on our expertise 

From the sleek user interface to the less glamourous complicated stuff that goes on behind the scenes, when it comes to providing technical solutions to the financial sector, there’s nothing we can’t do. 

As a group, we have provided the global financial sector with technological transformations since our foundation in 1979. We believe the cornerstone of our success is that our solutions have always evolved ahead of the digital and cultural needs of the sector.  

We work with a number of banks in the UK to provide secure back end and front end development for everything from internal IT systems to customer banking apps.  

Our dedicated banking skills team will work closely with you to strategically plan, develop and implement the right technical solutions for your organisation. Whether you need a bespoke system, a full digital transformation, or an integrated data compliance system, our team are on hand to meet your every need.  

“We play a role from the initial framing within business lines to defining the strategic plan and supporting client choices or from the future regulatory project to the development and deployment stages of the technical solution.”

Frédéric Halluin

Business Unit Bank Director

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