Implementation of an end-to-end Agile mindset

Major French banking group
Delivering digital transformation by implementing end-to-end Agile methodologies in each department in the organisation


The Client is a major French banking group. The Client was France’s fourth largest bank and the seventh largest in Europe by total assets. It has more than 8,200 branches nationwide under their respective brand names serving nearly 150 million customers worldwide.


  • Executing a digital transformation with the deployment of end-to-end Agile operations in all departments of the organisation


  • Delivering transformation with IT department of the Client being a Product Owner to every department including marketing, operations, and infrastructure managers (PO, OPS)
  • The ultimate challenge was to be able to operate in Agile mindset from start to finish, from framing of programmes to the products and services’ marketing.
  • Create a shared vision, communication, and governance bodies between the stakeholders.
  • The level of Client’s organisational environment maturity on Agile. It varied across departments, and each had its own reporting methods and its own governance.


We are aware that the success of the organisational transformation depends on the ability to follow a shared vision, communication forms and methods and assigned managing teams between the stakeholders.

Our consultants delivered a project with the creation of new reporting methods within IT department and general management divisions in the business and full deployment. In the interim, we have coordinated management teams from different departments to facilitate new approach between IT and other business lines to build a common ground and open platform for open communication.

Ultimately, by delivering continuous improvements in operations in POC mode we created efficient management and reporting system based on development from the feedback of every participant.


  • 2 Agile Consultants


From audit to deployment performed by the Infotel UK team gave the Client an objective perspective on the maturity of their approach to the implementation of Agile mindset organisation wide. In addition to enabling the successful implementation of new approach, the provided recommendations allowed the Client to make several other optimisations to their solution.

The Banking Group accelerated its digital transformation with the deployment of Agile mindset in all of its divisions, from marketing to IT assuring efficiency of collaborative work between the divisions and shortening the time-to-market of projects and products.


“Digital transformation is based on the ability to bring together all stakeholders around a common language and operation. Our approach is based on immediate operational implementation with the teams and on continuous improvement to define a solution with high added value”.
Infotel Agile Consultant